As you are aware, the global spread of COVID-19 has now been termed a Pandemic. Many countries are facing lockdowns and those that aren’t are still encouraging citizens to stay at home. Employees are being encouraged to work from home as measures are being taken to limit the spread of the virus. If you are new to working from home, there will definitely be some changes as you figure out how to balance work and personal life. 

Here are some tips for a better and more productive working life

  • Create a working corner. Do not work from your bed or couch.
    Ensure that you sit in your workplace as part of your routine with as few distractions as possible. 
  • Maintain regular hours. Set a schedule and stick to it. Even though you would have the benefit of flexibility, it is important to manage your productivity. 
  • Communicate a lot with peers. Maintain communication with your peers to ensure that you get your job done  Schedule breaks
    Give yourself time away from the computer screen and ensure that you have your meals according to your usual routine. 
  • Avoid Social Media. Social media can be quite a time consuming if you are not careful. Limit the mindless use of social media so that you can maintain your focus.  
  • Avoid family and friends. This can be quite difficult if you live with family, especially small children. However, it is important to set clear boundaries to ensure that distractions are kept at a minimal. 

Here are some tips for self-growth during your time at home:-

Online Courses

Many universities and institutions are offering free online courses to choose from. As you would now have some free time, you can easily enroll and benefit from these courses. 

The following websites are currently offering free courses;

  1. Harvard Online Courses
  2. Ivy League university courses
  3. SkillScouter


In your free time, you can perfect your favorite dishes or try your hand at new dishes with free recipes being easily available online. In such a time, it is also advisable to limit the amount of food that you purchase.

Personal Fitness

Your time can also be used to ensure that you stay fit. An hour a day can be scheduled for exercise. Many gyms are probably closed but one can easily skip or job in the comfort of his home to ensure that he stays fit.
There are also many online meditation and yoga courses to benefit from. 

We hope that you utilize these tips that will help you to remain productive during this COVID-19 Pandemic.