As you are aware, the world is now at a critical juncture as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Even though many persons are recovering, most countries have implemented measures to limit the spread of the virus. It is totally understandable as to why persons are worried since this is a new disease and there is much uncertainty surrounding it. Even though we may not be in control of this virus, we all have a part to play in limiting the spread of the virus.

Here are 5 tips to follow to ensure that you and your family stay safe: –

Clean Hands and Surfaces Often

1- Wash your hands with soap and water ever so often for 20 seconds.
2- If soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer.
3- Use disinfectant or detergent to wipe exposed surfaces, especially those that you use often such as your mobile phone.

Cover Face and Maintain Social Distance –

1- Always wear a fresh and clean mask when venturing outdoors
2- Stay 6 feet apart from persons around and avoid any unnecessary gathering of more than 5 persons
3- Avoid coming into contact with any sick persons

Increase your immunity –

1- Avoid junk food
2- Eat more fruits, vegetables and nutrient-rich foods
3- Include immunity-boosting foods in your diet. Refer to this article from UNICEF to know more.

We trust that you will utilize these tips as together we fight this pandemic. Remember, we can all flatten the curve and slow its spread by doing our part devotedly.