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Commercial Insurance

Gulf Commercial Insurance coverage policy provides financial mitigation to small and large Businesses if the unexpected natural disaster occur.

With Gulf Insurance Commercial coverage “Business Owners” have a choice of insurance based on their particular investment in the following areas:commercial-insurance

  • All Risks;  Loss/Damage to the property in geographical area specified caused by fire, theft, accident or misfortune
  • Consequential Loss;  Loss of profits following interruption of business or trade resulting from damage or loss caused by a peril insured under the Fire and Special Perils Policy.
  • Computer All Risks;  Loss/Damage to computer equipment caused by fire, theft, accident or misfortune.
  • Machinery All Risks;  Loss/Damage to machinery caused by fire, theft, accident or disaster.
  • Plate Glass;  Accidental breakage of fixed glass


  • ALL Risks
  • Consequential Loss
  • Computer All Risks
  • Machinery All Risks
  • Plate Glass
  • Business Interruption