As the world continues to battle this Covid-19 Pandemic, we must do all that is in our control to stay safe and as such limit the spread of the virus. If you are young and healthy, you may be able to survive this virus but the elderly and those with underlying health conditions can face more severe symptoms. Nevertheless, we must all now make a conscious effort to maintain and strengthen our immune system so that we will be able to overcome any illness. Here are some tips to boost your immunity naturally:

  • Get adequate sleep- It is important to get enough sleep as one study showed that those with insomnia were three times more likely to develop symptoms of the common cold than those who slept more than eight hours. 
  • Eat fruits, veggies and seeds- Having plenty of fruits, vegetables and seeds helps in maintaining a solid immune system. Also limit your intake of refined carbs and sugars. 
  • A right amount of exercise- Studies show that those who exercise tend to suffer fewer infections than those who do not. 
  • Drink as much water as you can- Ensure that you stay hydrated and also decrease your intake of carbonated beverages and alcohol.
  • Stress management- Unnecessary worries may negatively impact your immune system and so it is important to maintain your calm. Try meditating to control your anxiety if necessary. 
  • Include vitamins in your diet- Try to include those vitamins that your body lacks especially
  • Maintain a healthy body weight-Obesity can make you more susceptible to illnesses so it is important that you monitor this. 
  • Get sunshine and fresh air where possible. 
  • Wash your hands often- If soap and water is not available, then utilise hand sanitizer to limit the spread of germs to your face. 

These were some tips to boost your immunity and as such help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We hope that you utilise these tips in your daily lives as together we work towards flattening the curve.