When it comes to protecting your family and your belongings, you can never be too careful. The first step in home crime prevention is to eliminate any such opportunity and this begins with you. Even though we may worry about our safety at night, many home invasions occur during the day when neighborhoods are almost empty with children being at school and adults at work. 

The following tips will act as prevention steps to take both inside and outside of your home to deter burglars. 

Homeowner’s Insurance

Home is where the heart is and for many of us, the home that we live in is our most valuable asset. Homeowner’s Insurance will ensure that in the event of theft, any damage caused will be covered, subject to your policy’s deductible. Your contents can also be covered should you desire. For this, a listing of items along with make/ model numbers and sum insureds will be required by the insurer. This inventory listing will also prove beneficial in the event of any loss. Homeowner’s Insurance also extends to protect your home in the event of natural disasters and fires to name a few.  

Build a fence

If you do not already have one, a fence can be an excellent way to keep burglars away from your property. Not only will it be difficult for them to enter the premises but it will also provide great privacy, disallowing them to notice your movements and as such plan for any attempted burglary. 

Install Home Security Cameras

Security cameras on display around your home are the most effective way to prevent break-ins. As a matter of fact, statistics show that homes with security systems were about 300% less likely to be broken into. Burglars will be discouraged from entering premises that are monitored, especially since they know that the video footage can easily be handed over to the police. 

Install Motion Activated Lights

Even though burglars may prefer the darkness of night to steal rather than broad daylight, the motion-based lighting system will frustrate them Knowing that it will be difficult for them to maneuver while on the premises; burglars will definitely be discouraged from breaking in your property.  

Trim Tall Bushes

Any tall grass, bushes, and plants can provide an easy hideout spot for burglars around your home. It is, therefore, crucial to trim these regularly so that the surroundings are clear and any trespasser can easily be seen. 

Secure Your Property

While you may think that thieves enter houses through windows, they prefer doors for much easier access. It is important to install thick doors and windows that cannot easily be kicked in and it is also imperative that these are kept locked at all times.  

Get to Know your Neighbors

Tight-knit communities tend to have lower crime rates as they look out for each other. Knowing your neighbors can greatly help in preventing burglaries as they offer an extra eye on your property and will alert you of any suspicious activities taking place around your home. 

Leave a Radio or TV on

If you notice any suspicious activity around and will be away for quite some time, then you should leave a radio or TV on to indicate your presence at home. A burglar will easily postpone a planned burglary if he thinks that someone is at home. 

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