The greatest season on earth is here! But amongst the fun and joy, safety should be priority. Let’s have a look at some safety tips to ensure that Carnival remains the happiest season of all.

Safety Tips Before Leaving Home:

Safety Tips For The Road:

  • Take the most reliable mode of transport to commute
  • Follow speed limits to avoid any accidents
  • Follow all other road safety rules

Safety Tips at Carnival:

  • Abide by the rules of the TTPS and follow carnival safety instructions
  • Keep children and elders away from extreme rush and crowd. Accompany them to public washrooms 
  • In case someone goes missing, contact police officers immediately
  • Travel in groups and avoid going alone to lonely places
  • Be vigilant of your surroundings

We hope that these Carnival safety tips will help you to stay safe during the season. We recommend that you contact emergency services in the event of any misfortune. 

HaveA Happy and Safe Carnival 2020!