Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

In the midst of managing a Pandemic like COVID-19, it is easy to become overwhelmed and panic. We should all focus on ways to limit the spread of the virus and as such flatten the curve. However, it is also important to determine ways in which our mental health can be managed.

If you see any of the following symptoms showing up in your loved ones, then you must act to help them maintain their health.

Change in behaviour
Change in diet
Change in sleep
Difficulty in concentration
Quickly irritated
Alcohol or Drug abuse

People May React Differently to Stress

Someone might be experiencing depression and anxiety, but they may not easily realise it. However, with certain symptoms you can detect if they are indeed suffering from any mental health issues and assist them in overcoming such.

Those that may need a little extra attention include

The elderly
Those with pre existing medical conditions
Children and Teenages
Substance abusers

To ensure that you maintain your mental health, you can participate in the following activities

Relax, exercise and sleep well
Have a healthy diet
Have a walk outdoors
Call your loved ones often
Monitor any underlying health condition
Take up a hobby or pursue a passion
Limit your time spent listening to depressing news

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