Purchasing a used car is wise when you are on the run for some savings but it is also important to get a good deal that not only fits your budget but also your needs. If the vehicle is not dependable, it can possibly cost you more than expected and as such, it is important to do your homework.

To ensure not that the deal doesn’t go south, you can consider the following;

1- Have a conversation with the current owner- Discuss any accidents that would have occurred, the mileage of the vehicle, frequency of services etc to have a better understanding of the history and condition of the vehicle. Have a test drive- This will give you a better feel of the condition of the vehicle, especially the engine and tyres. For example, a cold engine should start right away. If the idle is rough when the engine is warm, it indicates possible fuel, ignition or vacuum related problem.

2- Petrol cars tend to be cheaper- Even though diesel vehicles and diesel engines may seem to be more economical than their petrol counterparts, they are often more expensive when it comes to maintenance.

3- Determine ownership costs- Even though you may have selected a vehicle without your budget, the maintenance cost is important to note as some vehicles can cost you significantly in the long run when it comes to repairs and parts.

4- Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle- A mechanic will give a better idea of the repairs and issues that may accompany the vehicle and as such help you make a wiser decision. Consider your financing options- There are several financial institutions that assist you even when purchasing a used vehicle. This will ensure that you manage your cash flow while gaining all the benefits of owning a vehicle. Gulf Insurance Ltd also offers flexible and affordable payment plans for your premium ensuring that your vehicle is protected even while you are on a budget!


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