Motor vehicle theft or car theft has now become a common criminal act. It can happen under various circumstances, often as a shock but definitely inflicting a major inconvenience. 

Car thieves now have modern equipment that allows them to start motor vehicles without the use of a key, increasing the probability that your vehicle can be stolen. 

What to do if my vehicle is stolen?

In the event that your vehicle has been stolen, you should maintain your calm and follow some immediate steps. It is important to understand the severity of the event as the longer you wait, the lesser the chance of recovering the vehicle. 

The following are some important steps outlined to assist you in the event that your vehicle is stolen; 

1) Report to the police

The moment that you discover that your vehicle has been stolen, you should immediately report such to the police. You should cooperate as best as you can, providing the police with all details that would aid in their investigation. 

Here are some details that could be beneficial in the process or reporting the theft;

  • Location of theft
  • Time of theft 
  • Any footage or recording
  • Make and model of vehicle 
  • Colour of vehicle 
  • Vehicle registration number 
  • Any distinct feature of your vehicle
  • Year of manufacture of vehicle 

2) Report to your insurance company 

After reporting the matter to the police, you should immediately contact your insurer to inform them of the theft. This stands whether you have a comprehensive policy or not. Since you would no longer be in control of the vehicle, it is wise to inform the insurer as soon as you can. 

The same details reported to the police will be beneficial to the insurer. 

The following are some documents required by the insurance company;

  • Completed claim form
  • Proof of report at police station
  • Declaration forms

It is important that you state as much information as you can as it will be beneficial to both you and the insurer in settling the matter. Any inconsistency will affect the processing of the claim

Final Words

While you may be unable to protect your vehicle at the time of the theft, it is important to note that a comprehensive insurance policy will put your life back on track in the event that the vehicle is not recovered. With only your excess and sometimes depreciation being deducted from the sum insured, you will be able to repay any loans or even purchase another vehicle. 

For more information, please contact 285- GULF.