Hot Summer days go hand in hand with the beach here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Emancipation day the 1st August, 2015 would remain a memorable one for many.

On this day many fitness enthusiasts, Beach Baskers and loyal HOTT 93 Listeners got a treat of early morning sun, fun and excitement at the Hott 93’s First Annual Summer Burn, Aerobics Burnout Competition.  The event was sponsored by Gulf Insurance Limited, Hadco Limited, Yoplait Yoghurt, Fitness Centre, Blue Waters, and Value Optical.

The burn-out began at 10:30 am with approximately fifty (50) contestants starting the aerobics warm-up session, followed by three (3) half-hour workout segments, with two (2) ten-minute rest periods.  The gruelling two-hour workout soon ended and the unprecedented perseverance amongst contestants was evident, but admirable to onlookers given the scorching temperature.

The title of “Survival of the fittest” was won by Annicka Lewis as she demonstrated a high level of physical fitness, maintaining high athletic standards throughout the competition. Lewis took home a vast array of sponsored “Grand Prize Winner packages”. All contestants were awarded with special tokens courtesy Gulf Insurance Limited in recognition of their superb efforts.

Gulf Insurance Limited would like to commend our very own Ms. Heradai Ragbir and lone Gulfin contender who represented us well and burned to the end.

The resounding success of the Hott 93’s Summer Burn 2015 undoubtedly will spur on several similar events, in the attempt to help spread awareness of the importance of personal health and fitness. HOTT 93 in conjunction with the Ministry of Health’s “Healthy Lifestyle for Children and Adults advocacy initiative, indeed made its mark on the public attitudes and behaviour towards the importance of physical fitness.