With thousands commuting on the nation’s roadways, accidents will occur. Accidents can be costly, if you are not adequately insured. Gulf’s motor insurance helps you to limit such unnecessary expenses and provides peace of mind while we go about our daily lives. Understanding the benefits of motor insurance will allow you to appreciate the importance of adequate coverage.

1. Comprehensive coverage

Vehicle repair is no doubt expensive and accidents have the potential to be devastating, physically, mentally and financially. Comprehensive coverage covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle whether you are negligent or not. Some other benefits of Comprehensive coverage include windscreen coverage as well as damage caused by perils such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. Roadside assistance is often a plus.

2. Third-party liability coverage

The mandatory aspect associated with motor vehicle insurance covers injury to third party and damage to his vehicle and or property caused by your negligence. For example, should you accidentally hit someone’s gate or wall, your Third-Party policy insurer will cover such repairs instead of you having to dip into your savings to do so. Legal matters will also be carefully handled by your insurer, saving you from such a hassle and costs.

3. Medical expenses

It is our hope not to be injured in the event of an accident but such situations are sometimes beyond our control. In the event of any injury, the personal accident cover will kick in assisting one with hospitalization fees and other medical expenditures. Special limits apply in the event of death or dismemberment.

4. Theft

Comprehensive policies cover loss due to theft, helping you to avoid a potential huge financial burden. Imagine parking your vehicle in the parking lot of a shopping mall and upon your return, your vehicle is not there. In such an unfortunate situation, your insurance policy will pay out the current value of your motor vehicles, enabling you to purchase another vehicle.

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