Refunds are available to all Insureds/ Policyholders, who have fully paid their premium for the period of insurance coverage and either request the cancellation of the policy or a reduction of the risk covered; or where another of the specified changes / reasons is applicable.

The Refund Policy Applies to:

  1. Policy Cancellation
    If policyholder has other business with Gulf Insurance Ltd- pro rata refund
    Otherwise- short period rate (where coverage has not exceeded eight months)
  2. Decrease Sum Insured
  3. Any other changes which result in a reduction of risk and a refund of premium
  4. No Claim Discount (NCD), after proof is verified by Gulf Insurance Ltd
  5. Other approved discount

Please note the following:

To cancel, reduce or otherwise amend your insurance policy coverage, you may visit any of our offices, contact us at 285-GULF or e-mail us at the following e-mail address [email protected] indicating your intention.