HEAD OFFICE: 1 Gray Street, St Clair, Trinidad & Tobago

Additional Claim Info

  • It is important that you provide a phone number(s), preferably mobile numbers, where we can contact you as well as an email address so as to enable timely communication with us.
    Take pictures or video of the damages before you do any clean up, so your adjuster can see the extent of the original damage.
  • Do whatever you can to protect your home from further damage. For example, cover holes in the roof or external walls with tarps to keep out the rain.
  • Pull up any wet carpet and dry the floors. Please do not discard carpet or any other damaged items, as the adjuster may need to inspect them.
    If you need to purchase tarps and other supplies to protect your home, save all your receipts and provide copies to us or your adjuster when he/she arrives for the inspection.
  • Obtain a detailed estimate of repairs from a reputable contractor.
  • Provide us with copies of your invoices for any furniture and/or contents which may have been damaged. If this is not available obtain quotations for the same or similar furniture and contents.
  • Retain all invoices, bills receipts etc., for any damaged items which may have been replaced.